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Be it for everyday sports training, for casual sporty activities, or even for ordinary hanging out days, there are many cool sneakers available for women and men to choose from. For those who believe that cool women sneakers have to do away with the femininity of a woman, they have it wrong as many cool sneaker brands cater even to the most fashion conscious women, as cool women's sneakers does not have to be as bland or as masculine. Pretty much ever sporting apparel creates a sneakers made specifically for a man's needs. Even fashion labels create cool men sneakers in order to cater to men's desire for comfort when it comes to their shoes.

Later, the Connected Car panel continued the discussion on what commuters want. Executive Director of Marketing Management at AT Mobility Robert Hyatt Jr. expects that audio will return to the forefront in the form of voice commands and driving directions. Content consumption in automotives will change over the next 10 years.

PG: When did the green bug strike?RB: Around seven years ago. It was less about "going green" and more a rising consciousness that I was on the "hedonic treadmill." The distance between what I had and what I wanted seemed to keep getting wider. I started to become very fascinated with the whole system of consumerism and the unconscious behaviours it has created. Around the same time, I realized that purchases and stuff were not what I truly valued; I was happiest when I felt truly connected with people.

I personally like epiphone/gibsonn a lot. if you are searching to BUY an electric guitar then you should go for your preference. go to guitar center, and play some guitars. find one that feels good to you. remember, the strings in there have been used a million times, so don't make that a factor. feel the guitar. along the sides of the neck, are the frets sticking off the neck a little? making it rough? its all about your preference. also it depends on what style you play blues is definatly Les Paul